Sometimes, you need to get above your subject. We use aerial photography to reach otherwise impossible angles!
Whether you’re looking at dramatic architecture or a photo of your campus or premises from above, professional aerial photography will capture the whole picture.

At a glance…

High Resolution – At Overhead Productions we use industry leading cameras to capture images at the highest resolution possible from an aerial platform.
Camera Sensor
Large Sensor Camera. The larger the sensor the better the quality of the output. At Overhead Productions we use large sensor cameras to give our clients better quality images with less grain/noise.
3 axis stabilised gimbal providing a rock solid platform to ensure sharp images.
Night Permissions
Night flight Permission. Unlike most operators we can fly at any time of day or night.
Camera Lens Icon
Wide choice of lenses. Telephoto zooms or wide angle, we’re not constrained by a single lens.
Real Time Monitoring
Real time client monitoring. Review shots as they are taken, provide direction mid-flight.


We will work with you…

The Overhead Productions team will work with you from start to finish to bring your creative vision to life. We have a lot of experience in Aerial Photography, and no matter what the project, small or large; we will advise you along the way on how we can best satisfy the requirements of the brief.

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Mick Walker

Managing Director / UAV Pilot of Overhead Productions

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Mick Walker

Managing Director / UAV Pilot of Overhead Productions

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