Our First PfCO (but not our first permission)

Overhead Productions has just been awarded our PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

While it is our first PfCO, it isn’t not our first permission, previously we held a PfAW (Permission for Aerial Work). In August of 2016 the CAA replaced the PfAW with the PfCO to bring it in line with the 2016 changes to the Air Navigation Order.

Along with our new permission, the Overhead Productions team are now able to offer a new service – Nighttime Operations. Previously our permission was limited to a window of 30 minutes after dawn, and 30 minutes before dusk, with our new permission we are now able to operate anytime during the day or night.

Attached is a copy of our permission from the CAA and our Operations Manual which was submitted to the CAA. Overhead Productions has taken the step of making its Operations Manual public in an attempt to bring transparency to the industry. This Operations Manual is fully complaint with the 2016 Air Navigation Order .

Overhead Productions PfCO Certificate

Overhead Productions Operations Manual

Mick Walker

Managing Director / UAV Pilot of Overhead Productions

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Mick Walker

Managing Director / UAV Pilot of Overhead Productions