Drones (or UAV’s as we prefer to call them) are changing the way aerial video is delivered. What would have typically required the hire of a helicopter with a dedicated imaging system, is now available to you, with a lower price point giving a greater ROI than ever before.

You see drone video footage in just about everything you watch online and on TV, and marketers are now enthusiastically adopting drone video as a big part of their digital marketing campaigns. This is because we can’t stop watching when we see things from an aerial perspective.

At Overhead Productions we have a proven track record in the creation of Aerial Video.

If you are asking yourself what the uses of aerial video could be, then you are not alone. This is a new and revolutionary technology and as such it does have a slight learning curve associated with it. We have outlined a few potential uses below:

  • In-House Video Productions (e.g: Staff Training Videos)
  • TV Commercials
  • Marketing (including social media marketing)
  • Presentations
  • Website and Landing Pages
  • Real Estate Videos

We have attempted to answer a number of frequently asked questions below, but if you are wondering what aerial video could do for you and you’re brand, we would suggest you Contact us to speak directly to one of the team.

Do you hold a permission for aerial filming?
Overhead Productions hold a PfCO issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, on top of this we also are in possession of a fully comprehensive insurance policy covering the aspects of work we offer.
What type of UAVs do you use?
DJI Inspire 2
DJI Inspire 2

Overhead Productions use a variety of UAVs. We believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to each clients requirements; given this we have a wide range of aircraft all with varying abilities.

All of our aircraft fall below the 7kg restriction set by the Civil Aviation Authority; this means that we can fly in places and get closer to subjects heavier aircraft cannot.

All of our UAV’s are fitted with the latest technology (GPS, Collision Avoidance, Automated Tracking etc.) to ensure a safe flight, and to aid us in acheiving the desired results for our client.

What type of cameras do the aircraft utilise?
Zenmuse X5S
Zenmuse X5S

At Overhead Productions we use the latest in airborne cameras. All of our cameras are specifically designed for aerial use, and as such we can offer you the highest video quality on the market.
All of the cameras utilised by Overhead Productions have the ability to record at 4K, with certain cameras having the ability to record at a massive 5.2K.

Depending on your requirements, we can either give you the footage for your own uses once the brief is over, or we can edit and colour grade for you.

How long can you fly for?
Typically our aircraft can fly for periods up 20 minutes before requiring a battery swap.

Overhead Productions carry multiple batteries for all jobs, and should it be required we do have the facility to charge batteries in the field, this means that we can operate for the full day if so required.

How high/far can you fly?

Overhead Productions are able to fly several thousand foot distances with our drones to cover as much ground as you need to cover. For large distances we will generally also operate a land vehicle to be able to safely retrieve our aerial drone from the air when it is coming down.
It is critical that we always have a line-of-sight with our drones for safety reasons of potential by-standers, traffic, physical property, and of course our equipment as well.

As far as height we are able to fly roughly 400 feet vertically due to safety reasons and some aviation regulations.

Are you able to film/fly indoors?
It is totally fine to fly indoors as long as adequate room is available to ensure proper safety of property and individuals involved or in the vicinity. That said, Overhead Productions generally like to stay at least 8 feet away from people to ensure their safety.
Can you provide a live footage monitor? Is it real time?
Depending on your needs Overhead Productions can provide separate monitors for the camera operator along with for the client, director, and production assistant to view the footage in real time as it is flying over the subject.
How much setup time is required?
Overhead Productions will perform a comprehensive risk assessment before and during all operations.
Once this has been satisfactorily completed our expert team is able to be up and running in 5-10 minutes. In most situations we can arrive with our camera and drone already fully assembled and integrated for quick turnaround and lift off.

Mick Walker

Managing Director / UAV Pilot of Overhead Productions

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Mick Walker

Managing Director / UAV Pilot of Overhead Productions