Ideally Located

Located in County Down, Northern Ireland our location gives us great access to the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland. We are also located within 20 miles of two major airports, which gives us unhindered access to the rest of the United Kingdom and the Rest of the World.

Family Ran

Overhead Productions is a true family run business. Ran by husband and wife team (Mick & Katie) we pride ourselves on bringing a personal service to our clients.

You can find out more about us below.

Mick Walker – Managing Director / UAV Pilot

Mick Walker - Managing Director
Mick Walker – Managing Director

As a fully insured, UNQ certified Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) operator, Mick has over 3 years of experience in the industry.

However Mick’s involvement in Remotely Piloted Aerial System’s started from a very different beginning.

Originally involved in the development of flight systems for early RPAS vehicles, Mick brings a unique understanding of how the software and the hardware work together. Having worked for big names in the Industry, Mick’s experience is second to none.

Mick launched Overhead Productions in April of 2016. The main motivation of Overhead Productions is to provide reliable and affordable aerial photo and video services; something which currently does not exist within the market.

Katie Walker – Commercial and Safety Director

Katie Walker - Overhead Productions
Katie Walker – Overhead Productions

Katie brings an extensive background in both people and client management to Overhead Productions having previous had a career in management with a large retail chain in the UK.

Katie’s dual role in Overhead Productions allows her to focus on assignments from a safety perspective. From the initial acceptance of an assignment, through to the execution and delivery, Katie’s focus is on the safety – both that of the public, the client and of the business as a whole.

Katie has an in-depth knowledge of RPAS systems and is the creative influence behind the content Overhead Productions produce. If Katie is not satisfied with a deliverable, then it does not go out the door.


When choosing a provider for your aerial photography / video services, insurance is the one aspect you cannot afford to overlook. The market currently has a lot of people operating without the required commercial insurance. The truth of this situation is, it is not only the operator that is breaking the law, as a consumer of the content they produce you are also breaking the law. Can your business afford a lengthy and costly legal battle to exonerate yourself should the worst come to the worst? And can your brand ever recover from the negative publicity that such an action would produce?

Coverdrone Logo
Coverdrone provide commercial insurance for UAV Operators

Overhead Productions pride themselves on the fact we operate legally. We carry full commercial and public liability insurance, for our peace of mind, and more importantly the peace of mind of our clients.

Whilst all of Overhead Productions operations are conducted in such a manner that there will never be any risk to members  of the public, our commercial insurance policy covers us in the event of accidental damage to property, and most importantly it covers us in the very unlikely event that one of our RPAS’s should cause anyone injury.

Fully Qualified and CAA Certified

Civil Aviation Authority Logo
Civil Aviation Authority

All of Overhead Productions pilots hold an Unmanned Aviation Qualification and the company itself has been issued with a ‘Permission for Commercial Operation‘ (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority.

The PfCO certificate gives assurance of pilot competence and airmanship. It is an offence to use non certified drone pilots for commercial work. Don’t get caught out, use Overhead Productions.